Little Scholars Christian Academy, Inc. aspires to be more than a preschool. We believe in motivating a child through consistent and stimulating input. Our goal for each child is for them to develop a love for learning. We encourage this by "hands on" experiences in phonics, numbers, art, science, music, sign language, Spanish, dramatic play, and physical play. Little Scholars is here to enhance the cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical growth of each child. Little Scholars believes in developing the whole child not just the intellectual aspect. Planned and spontaneous activities play a crucial part in encouraging each child to reach his/her potential.

The curriculum we use is called A Beka Book. A Beka is an accelerated phonics based curriculum meaning that we teach the sounds of the letters as well as how to sound out words. We use this type because it provides us with excellence in education from a Christian perspective. A Beka is an affiliate of Pensacola Christian College and supports the philosophy of Little Scholars Christian Academy.

Finally, we will share with our students that God is the creator of the Universe and the Supreme Being and that Jesus is the Son of God. We believe Jesus Christ came as a sacrifice and died on the cross and rose on the 3rd day that we might be saved. We will be sharing Bible stories and verses as well as singing Bible songs with our students.

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Little Scholars
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"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Prov 22:6